Blood Paintings 1998 - 2007

About ‘Illuminated Paintings’

This body of work refers to the all works that are painted on clay board and coated with epoxy resin. These works are hermetically sealed and protected from decay; most are of an abstracted nature. Many of the pieces incorporate gold leaf as a contrast to the “waste”material of the menses

“The Post-It Paintings” come from this body and was a way for a collector to have ‘post-it’ sized paintings for small NY walls and tight budgets. Eventually this moved to a series of boxes : “Guernica Revisited”, “Basic Histology”, “Wallflower”, among many others., so that a small collector could have with one purchase, a whole body of work

About ‘Ludwig & I’

My Ex – Husband and I closed up our studio in Bushwick, Brooklyn and packed up our things and moved to a small apartment in the Bavarian countryside – site unseen.  The show should have been called : “What the Fuck am I Doing in Bavaria?” It seemed that the ghost of Ludwig II was everywhere; a melancholic ideal in a romantic environment. Ludwig II and his castles are the tourist attraction here